Calculation of the component

The data for education spending for the years 1995 – 2012 can be extracted from the “Bildungsfinanzbericht des Statistischen Bundesamtes 2013” (Ausgaben für Bildung, Tabellenteil), Tabelle 1.1: „Ausgaben (Grundmittel) der öffentlichen Haushalte für Bildung 1995-2013 nach Ländern und Aufgabenbereichen“). The values for 2011 and 2012 are preliminary. Data for health expenditures is provided since 1992 in the course of the health reporting by the federal government (available online , table “Gesundheitsausgaben in Deutschland in Mio. Euro. Gliederungsmerkmale: Jahre, Art der Einrichtung, Art der Leistung, Ausgabenträger”). Missing values for educational spending between 1991 - 1994 as well as for health spending in 1991 are linearly extrapolated taking the yearly average rate of change between 1995 - 1998 and 1992-1995 respectively. Half of total expenditure for education and health is added in calculation of the Index (in prices of 2010).

In the future, a better differentiation of these expenditures will be pursued, and especially incorporating private and health insurance expenditures on health improvement. The inclusion of other types of public expenditures will also be considered.